Payroll Processing

Methodology for Advance Payroll Processing System


Payroll is an important process. It demands correctness, timeliness and complete secrecy. Global Sourcing partners with customers throughout the outsourcing process in a structured and transparent way that proceeds in three phases – Analyze, Transition, and Steady State Operations.


Companies considering payroll process outsourcing look beyond the obvious cost arbitrage and address several enterprise-wide issues such as: What are the regulatory and operational risks? How do we ensure that there is no business disruption? What investments are needed in technology? How will the change be managed? Are we ready for the change? Global Sourcing helps customers find answers to these and similar questions.



Global Sourcing transition methodology ensures that processes are migrated smoothly. Here we make sure we understand the existing process and expectations well. We make sure old data is transferred correctly. We run payroll for few past months to ensure that the data provided to us and the data that we are generating are correct.

3.Steady State Operations

Global Sourcing has a structure to ensure that customers can monitor remotely running processes through status information, and through daily, weekly and monthly calls/reports to ensure two-way communication to manage issues.

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